Resources for Career Development in Greater Des Moines 

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As you consider Greater Des Moines (DSM) as the place for your next chapter, tap into the robust resources and opportunities available to help you grow your career. Whether you’re new to the workforce, looking to expand your career skills, or perhaps looking to try a new path — DSM has supportive programming to help you find success.  

Job Listings in DSM 

Browse available jobs in DSM and explore what opportunities are open to you. The listings come from employers across DSM and top job boards, providing a curated selection of jobs you can apply for now. 

Greater Des Moines Job and Skills Training Resources

Iowa Workforce Development is a great place to start. You’ll find career and skills assessments, ways to explore alternative career paths, resume and interview help and job boards. Additionally, IWD provides specific programs and resources for niche groups that may have unique employment needs such as veterans, returning citizens, persons with disabilities, migrant workers and several more worth exploring.  

Career Development for the Trades

Iowa Skilled Trades offers education on and initiatives pertaining to the skilled trades in Iowa and works to build awareness of opportunities within skilled trades. 

Career Resources for Veterans in Greater Des Moines

HomeBase Iowa is the state’s premier hub for veterans, servicemembers and their families. You’ll find employment information, education and continued service resources geared toward active-duty military, veterans, guard members and reservists, as well as their spouses. 

Programs and Centers for Career Development

Helping Central Iowans attain their education and career dreams is the mission of the Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families. The Center is a beacon for individuals looking for educational, job training and career opportunities to “find their life’s calling as successful, working Iowans.” You can also explore career development opportunities such as upskilling, learning a trade and certifications through the DMACC Workforce Training Academy. Areas of study include IT fundamentals, MIG production welding, construction trades and Certified Nurse Aide (or CNA) — to name just a few. Qualified applicants receive classes and materials free of charge, so be sure to take a closer look.

Make Connections Through Networking Opportunities in Greater Des Moines

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One of the great things that makes Greater Des Moines unique is the breadth of connectivity between professionals and the depth and authenticity of those relationships. As an overall culture, emerging professionals all the way to established leaders are truly eager and willing to help one another throughout the community — whether through hosting networking opportunities, making introductions, providing mentorship and many other ways of support.  

Additionally, several local organizations and groups further this culture in DSM. Lead DSM is known locally as the premiere organization that develops, connects, inspires and challenges community champions in the region. It offers several top-notch leadership development and networking programs including the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, Community Connect and the Then. Now. When. diversity and inclusion video series.  

Young Professionals Connection is a great way for YPs to network with peers, access career development and engage in community involvement. And the DSM Fellowship Program is a professional development initiative with workforce diversity at its helm; this 18-month program provides participating Fellows a chance to grow their career professionally and expand their roots in the DSM community while granting lasting connections with peers. 

The Iowan Project, an initiative of the Technology Association of Iowa, is designed to connect former Iowans now living across the world to Iowa’s job opportunities. It also provides meetups to bring together fellow Iowans in remote locations across the U.S. and world. The Iowan Project is a great way to stay in touch with your Iowa roots, especially if you hope to return here one day to live and work.