Resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Local Businesses in Greater Des Moines

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As you look to Greater Des Moines (DSM) as a contender to start or grow your business venture, we can help point you in the right direction to navigate small business resources, success stories from local startup founders, one-to-one support and mentorship, even a robust list of organizations around the region that are right here and ready to help you with your business needs.  

Why Choose Greater Des Moines for Your Small Business

As a top 10 place for business and careers (Forbes, 2019) and a top 25 emerging tech market (CBRE, 2021), entrepreneurship happens in DSM. Since 2013, small businesses have created more than 68,000 jobs in DSM and Iowa companies have raised more than $430 million in capital since 2018 — showing unparalleled and sustained growth in entrepreneurship here in DSM.

Find Help Getting Started in Greater Des Moines

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The Greater Des Moines Partnership, the region’s economic and community development organization, offers many services and resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Small Business Resources Hub covers a wide range of topics, success stories, local DSM events and networking opportunities and more to explore. Peruse this robust repository of community resources ranging from organizations that support small businesses and startups to sources of capital, entrepreneur-focused events and more. 

Contact The Partnership team and get connected to the DSM small business community and learn more about the region’s inclusive business strategies, startup community building and small business resources. 

Be In the Know About the Greater Des Moines Small Business Community

As you research Greater Des Moines for business, tap into these sources and access a strong community network, success stories, networking and knowledge-based events plus ongoing communications in order to stay connected.