Meet DSM: Kalen Ludwig + Middlebrook Farm

Resident: Kalen Ludwig 

Occupation: Realtor with Peoples Company / Representative for Middlebrook Agrihood Community 

City: West Des Moines 

Meet Kalen Ludwig, a Greater Des Moines resident who has embraced life in DSM and learn about Middlebrook Farm, an agrihood and “a community of neighborhoods, where families can be raised, memories created, and dreams achieved”, all in “sustainable harmony”. 


Q: Are you originally from Iowa? 

A: Yes, I’m from Pella. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2005. I now live in West Des Moines.  

Q: What attracted you to work with Middlebrook Agrihood Community? 

A: I have a passion for architecture and unique developments. Every time I'm traveling somewhere new, I always find an architectural tour or something similar to go on. Peoples Company has also found that people are looking for developments that nurture community. It’s been exciting to be a part of a planned community in Iowa that isn't seen too often.

Middlebrook is a community in Cumming that leverages its agricultural past to cultivate future prosperity. A place of special moments, Middlebrook builds from its enviable position in the region only twenty minutes away from Downtown Des Moines, anchoring the southwest corner of the city. By building off the foundation of an agricultural community, Middlebrook establishes itself on the street corner at the intersection of real estate and food. Middlebrook is a community of neighborhoods, where families can be raised, memories created and dreams achieved; it’s Middlebrook, in sustainable harmony. 

Q: What do you enjoy the most about living in West Des Moines? 

A: I really love the access to a lot of amenities, events, restaurants and shopping. I live on Grand Ave., so it’s easy to get Downtown. It’s also a great central location to get to a lot of my clients, whether it be Middlebrook Farm or a new client I’ve starting working with in Norwalk.  

Q: Over the course of living in West Des Moines, has there been anyone who has introduced you to a hobby or a community that you’ve found valuable?  

A: I wouldn’t say there’s one person, but Hope Lutheran Church comes close. Our family also just joined Sacred Heart School and our kids are really enjoying the community of people there. 

Q: While living in West Des Moines, have you found a favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or store that you’ve been a frequent visitor to?  

A: Middlebrook Mercantile in Cumming Iowa (within Middlebrook development) is a great wine bar and coffee shop that has the best wait service and is one of my favorite places for meetings during the day or happy hour!

Q: If you had someone coming to visit Des Moines from out of state for a weekend, what would you recommend they go to first? 

A: I think it’s really fun to go down to the East Village and shop, eat and drink wine. 

Greater Des Moines (DSM) is a dynamic, growing region in the heart of Iowa. DSM spans a vibrant city core, amenity-packed suburbs, comfy small towns and impressive rural expanses. It’s a place where you can do something greater and build the life you want and be who you were meant to be, all in a neighborly community and at an affordable cost.  

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