Meet DSM: Maria Laura Rodriguez

Meet: Maria Laura Rodriguez 

Occupation: Freelance Social Media Specialist 

Instagram Account: @DiscoveringDSM  

City: Downtown Des Moines

Q: What led you to living in Downtown Des Moines (DSM)? 

A: My story with Des Moines started as a love story, which is why my slogan for @DiscoveringDSM is “We are in love with Des Moines.” I was on a flight to Houston and I ended up sitting next to my future husband. He lived in Des Moines. On the flight, he showed me pictures of the city. I thought it was a beautiful city. We got married in 2021 and now live Downtown.  

Q: As you mentioned, you run the Instagram account @DiscoveringDSM. What led you to starting that account?  

A: My vision with @DiscoveringDSM is to increase the number of people who choose Des Moines as a destination for vacation and to highlight the growth of the city in recent years. When people come to the U.S. for vacation, they think about Chicago, Miami, or New York. Des Moines has a lot to show that people don’t know about. I started the account to get more people here.  

Q: What’s the key difference between where you lived before and Des Moines? 

A: I’m an immigrant. I’m from Venezuela. I started my new life here. I have opportunities to be involved in a city that is growing, to learn English and to start my career in a new country. When I decided to move from Venezuela, it was a hard decision. But I grew up in a country with economic crises and political crises. When I said goodbye, I was looking for peace. When I came here, I was able to find peace in this city.  

Q: Do you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop or local business you’ve found in DSM? 

A: My favorite is Maggie’s Rumble Room.  

Q: Do you have a hobby that DSM accommodates for?  

A: My hobbies are recording videos and taking pictures. @DiscoveringDSM is my way of capturing this photogenic city

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