Logistics and Business Services Jobs in Greater Des Moines

In Greater Des Moines (DSM), Iowa, transportation and logistics, trucking and the businesses that support these services offer dynamic job opportunities and career growth paths.  From logistics and supply chain jobs to IT, technology, marketing and public relations services, there are many opportunities to consider within the logistics and business services sector in DSM. 

Careers in this sector can range from supply chain managers, who oversee the processes across the supply chain, including purchasing, warehousing and distribution of goods to truck drivers, responsible for delivering and unloading these goods. 

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According to Iowa Workforce Development, truck transportation employs 28,957 workers in the state, 39% of the transportation and warehousing industry in Iowa, with other employment sectors including warehousing and storage, pipeline transportation and postal service, among others. On a national level, the American Trucking Association recently called on governors of every state to prioritize truck parking facilities to ensure driver safety and minimize supply chain disruptions. Prioritizing these kinds of improvements is one way to keep professional drivers in the industry. The American Trucking Association has also made strides to support women in the trucking industry through training, mentorship and networking opportunities through Women in Motion, which is becoming a council in 2024. 

While trucking and logistics make up a large part of this sector, careers that support the trucking industry are just as integral. Corporate positions in IT support, data and analytics, marketing, accounts and more lead to long-lasting careers in an industry that keeps our economy moving.  

Major Logistics + Business Services Companies in Des Moines, Iowa

The following major companies in DSM often hire employees for jobs that support logistics and supply chain operations: 

  • Casey’s General Stores 
  • Ruan 
  • Kum & Go 
  • ITA Group 
  • Aureon 
  • Microsoft 
  • Paragon IT Professionals 
  • Amazon 

Ruan hires drivers, technicians and corporate leadership, shipping goods in the food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, metals and retail industries, among others, and tackling services such as freight planning, route optimization, dock scheduling and more. The company also offers three apprenticeship programs (the Technology Apprenticeship Program, Technician Apprenticeship Program and Safe Drive Apprenticeship Program) that help students engage with the industry. 

Casey’s offers sign-on bonuses for grocery and fuel drivers in select locations, offering benefits like quarterly performance bonuses. Distribution associates are hired as part of the Distribution Center team, while positions in IT help manage security risk at the company and maintain technology policies. Internships at Casey’s include opportunities in human resources, retail management, fuel analytics, supply chain, digital marketing and more, offering a way to learn from Casey’s leadership and make an impact in the industry. 

At Paragon IT Professionals, a job as a java developer or network administrator working for clients in transportation and logistics are an opportunity to be involved in the transportation and logistics sector in a different way. IT talent is needed across many industries, and logistics is no different.  

Microsoft offers positions like technology specialist, data center technician, IT project manager and even supply chain manager. The company offers a place to grow that’s diverse and flexible. University internships and learning modules to prepare students for a career path with Microsoft are also training options within the company. 

Amazon has a major presence in DSM, with warehousing and fulfillment facilities as well as an Amazon Air station. Amazon employees enjoy flexible scheduling, continuing education opportunities and growth paths.  

At the crossroads of Interstates 80 and 35, DSM is at the center of transportation and logistics in the country and offers an abundance of career growth opportunities. DSM is also a top ranked place to build a life and find your greater. Connect with DSM to learn more