Tech and IT Jobs and Careers in Greater Des Moines

Would it surprise you to learn that Greater Des Moines (DSM) is one of the best tech cities? Recently, Des Moines was ranked as a Top 20 Tech City for IT Jobs (CompTIA 2022), a top 10 most resilient tech hub (LinkedIn, 2021) and a top 5 city in the nation for up-and-coming tech talent markets (CBRE, 2021).

Why is DSM considered one of the best cities for tech jobs? DSM is a place where innovation comes easy and where entrepreneurs can explore their ideas and create products and services with the help of knowledgeable mentors. What else does it take to become one of the best cities for IT jobs? How about low cost of living and job opportunities, but also the freedom for talented people to innovate and be paid well to do so? DSM is consistently ranked well when it comes to cost of living — just check out the Greater Des Moines Partnership Cost of Living Index Calculator — and the number of mentors willing to offer insight can’t always be found in other major tech spaces, but it can be found here. 

Major IT and Technology Companies in Des Moines, Iowa

As one of the best cities for IT and tech jobs, Des Moines and its surrounding communities offer opportunities at the following major companies, most of which are found in the financial services and insurance industry: 

  • American Equity 
  • Athene 
  • EMC Insurance 
  • Farm Bureau Financial Group 
  • GuideOne Insurance 
  • Holmes Murphy 
  • Nationwide 
  • Principal 
  • Wellmark 
  • Wells Fargo
  • Sammons Financial Group 
  • Federal Home Loan 
  • Bankers Trust 
  • Microsoft 
  • Meta 

Top tech cities like Des Moines have strong IT and tech companies. One of those is Athene, a company that is one of the best places for tech jobs in the region. Athene often has positions within the IT sector open. Software developer, network engineer, qa analyst and business systems analyst are just a few of the job opportunities you’ll find here. 

If you’re looking for another best place to find IT jobs in Des Moines, check out EMC Insurance. EMC’s corporate culture is all about collaboration, community and customers. EMC leadership knows that having an office in one of the top growing tech cities is an easy choice. The insurance industry is a great place to create an IT career, and that includes both in-office and remote work. 

IT + Technology Job Training in Des Moines, Iowa

Holmes Murphy, an insurance broker serving clients in every industry, of every size, recently shared how it is preparing new talent, with the help of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, using two development programs, The Brainery and DiscoverYou. The company offers a summer internship for students, too.  

Principal offers its own Leadership Development Program which helps you grow your leadership skills with individually tailored experiences through four to six rotations within the organization. For recent grads, it’s a great way to find exactly what sort of career path you want to be on — whether IT is that path or not — and it comes with support from mentors and senior leadership. 

If you’re looking to find a better paying job within IT, you can get the education you need through Workforce Training Academy at DMACC. The IT/Helpdesk Fundamentals certification will allow you to develop skills in hardware, software, security and more. The DMACC Information Technology program goes a step further and includes degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Network Technology and Network Administration. 

The best areas for tech jobs are widespread, but in Des Moines, affordable housing, numerous things to do, quality schooling and flexible training options are all easy to come by. So, choose one of the best cities for tech workers, and build your IT or technology career in Des Moines! 

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